I2APM Research Activities


Research Projects

  • A joint research project is currently underway between CMAC and C-SOPS, to investigate how modifications at the crystallisation stage of API production translate to behaviour in the secondary formulation stage


  • The outcome of this will be a joint research paper between CMAC and C-SOPS


Researcher Exchanges and Secondments

  • CMAC PhD student John McGinty visited Professor Zoltan Nagy (C-SOPS, Purdue) for 2 months in March – April 2016.
  • Ass. Prof Heidi Gruber-Woefler (RCPE) was on secondment at CMAC from September – December 2016.
  • CMAC PhD student Vaclav Svoboda visited Ass. Prof Heidi Gruber-Woelfler (RCPE) in February - March 2017.
  • CMAC PDRA Javier Cardona visited Peter Neugebauer (RCPE) in May 2017.
  • CMAC PhD student Sarahjane Wood visited Prof Johannes Khinast (RCPE) in July - September 2017.
  • CMAC PhD students Alice Turner and Sarahjane Wood visited Dr Sonia Razavi (C-SOPS, Rutgers) in September - October 2017.
  • CMAC PhD student Frederik Doerr visited Ass. Prof Marcial Gonzalez (C-SOPS, Purdue) in October 2017.